Case study 4: a race against time in medical translations


Sector: medical
Company size: 50-100 employees
Country: Italy




Tender documents

Client’s requirements

Our client only had a few days to translate their Italian documents into German for an important tender in Germany. In the past, in order to complete the job in time, the company had to split the enormous amount of documents between different translation agencies, with a consequent reduction in quality and lengthier turnaround times. The company did not want to repeat the same mistake and wanted to adopt a more streamlined and less stressful internal translation management process.

The figures




Our solution

Based on the amount of work that was carried out for the previous tenders, we decided to create a team of 4 linguists. The team was composed of 3 translators and 1 proof-reader/editor. This decision was based on the enormous size and tight deadline of the translation project, which needed to be completed within a week, a task that one translator would be unable to achieve in such a short timeframe. As dividing up texts between different translators can often lead to inconsistencies in style and language structure, we entrusted the revision stage to a single linguist, who had the job of controlling the quality and consistency of the final translation. We delivered the project on time and the client was extremely pleased, not only with the speed with which the translation project was delivered but also the quality of the translated text.

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