Words, languages, CULTURES

From a passion for languages and the discovery of new cultures, Athena Parthenos founded Panglossa – Words, languages, cultures – a corporate division devoted to the education and teaching of new languages for Private Individuals and Companies.

With its method, Panglossa intends to move away from classic education: it is much more than a language school because learning a new foreign language does not only mean learning and training. Panglossa wants to allow its students to really experience it by helping them to know a country, its people, its culture and its traditions better.

From the CEO to the manager, right down to the employee, shop assistant and student, Panglossa can guide business profiles, and others, in learning a new language with a modular service using tools that permit efficient and effective learning.


Did you know that customers are more willing to buy if the seller speaks their language?

Athena Parthenos also a language school: Panglossa – Words, Languages, Cultures.
With a broad and innovative educational program, our language school organises and manages Language Courses for Private Individuals and Companies, structured based on the level and the learning objectives of each one.

Individual, semi-individual or group, the Panglossa training courses are all modular and calibrated to the real needs of the students, personal or work, their interests, aspirations and needs.

The Panglossa languages?

The Panglossa languages? From the European languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese…) to the Middle Eastern (Arabic, Israeli), Oriental (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) even the Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish…) and Slavic (Russian, Croatian, Slovenian…) languages.

All the courses are taught by qualified teachers and also include small cultural overviews.


Panglossa offers specific classroom-based language courses (but given the times these classes will be virtual), providing a variety of training courses that have been purposely designed to meet the needs of adults and young people of various levels.


The Panglossa school of languages also provides corporate language courses for company employees that need to liaise with people of different nationalities, such as staff working in the import-export sector.


A new way to learn: discover our accessible, remote online courses that can be specifically tailored to suit your schedule.

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