What’s the difference between translation, localization and globalization?


Why choose a professional translation agency?


What is the best way to send a translation file?


If I contact the agency late in the afternoon with a translation project that I need the following morning, will the translation still be charged at the same standard rate?


When a client sends you a document, how can they be sure that any sensitive or confidential information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and is not shared with any other third parties?


I need to translate a product catalogue that contains images and tables. Will the agency still be able to keep the original layout of the document? Is the cost already included in the translation quote or is this an additional service?


I booked an interpreter but had to cancel the booking. Will I still have to pay the full amount in the quote?


If I book an interpreting service, will I need to send the agency information on the event, speakers and topics, etc.?


I work in languages with special characters, like Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese, will I be able to copy this content directly from a Word document and paste it into a graphics file?


How quickly will I receive my translation quote?


What are the turnaround times for a translation?


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