When you live with a freelance translator

Posted by Athena Parthenos

If you are about to share your home with a freelance translator these are some good points to keep in mind before it's too late:

  1. They don't necessarily follow the traditional 8 working hours
  2. A cup of coffee has the power to transform their typical growl into a smile
  3. They'd praise anyone who could invent a machine that made them translate even while they sleep
  4. Holidays, patron and birthday? What are you talking about?
  5. They end up checking all your purchases to see whether they are translated correctly
  6. Their classic professional attire is a pair of sweatpants
  7. Don't fool yourselves, they will correct every single one of your typos
  8. In the summertime their favorite tan is Pale white
  9. They do like to meet people and even go to parties, even if doesn't seem so
  10. When working on a rush project everything is secondary to the deadline, even cleaning the house
  11. They don't JUST speak 2 languages
  12. Nobody EVER knows what they do for a living
  13. Being a translator is a state of mind
  14. They luuuuuuuuuuve cats
  15. Just because they speak to the Wi-Fi signal it doesn't mean they are crazy
  16. When the rest of the neighborhood will be fast asleep, your apartment will still have the lights on.

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