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Athena Parthenos is a company with a young mentality. Most people think negatively of the term “young,” because they often associate it with the idea of being inexperienced or simply unstable. I personally like “young,” and I like for my company to continue to be identified with such an adjective. Over time, hopefully we will become an even more established business and won’t be considered young in terms of experience and presence in the industry, but I hope that AP’s staff will maintain a young mentality and attitude toward work.

From my personal experience and from listening to friends and acquaintances working elsewhere, I’ve started to realize that people who perform the same task over and over again will eventually just perform it mechanically. If you are a factory worker or do any other work that requires the same type of repetitive action, this is absolutely perfect—in fact, it is exactly what you’re supposed to do. But when it comes to an industry like localization, it doesn’t work at all.

With the advancement of technology and innovations in other industries, translation had to keep up with its customers. This mentality doesn’t simply apply to the specific process of translating a text but also to the team that organizes the workflow. We love to call ourselves young because we are dynamic—we have a structured organization, but we leave space for personal movement. Compared to other businesses that are already big and have precisely structured roles and work personalities, we can easily maintain, reassess, or completely switch positions based on who in the company has the best knowledge to assist the customer.

I am proud of my team, because we are fresh and engaging, we like novelty, and we approach it with the same excited smile of a 10-year-old making a new discovery. We look at it, we analyze it, and then we master it. There are always new things to learn, and we love to broaden our horizons, even as often as once a day.

For a lot of people, bigger and more famous seems to be the safest choice, but just like in the story of the oak and the willow, the oak that looks strong with deep roots and a thick trunk doesn’t survive the storm, but the slender, lean willow tree makes it through with no problem. This is why I know that one of the biggest advantages of working with us is that Athena is versatile—we provide space for adaptation and a more elastic mindset. We have a young attitude toward work, because this is the key to making our customers happy. Always.

In the end, why should you work with us? Because we are young.

Noemi Clark

CEO Athena Parthenis

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