When our cellars will have to learn to speak ...Chinese

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Following market trends is part of our job and we become an integral part of them thanks to our customers, whose needs, processes, and goals change over time.

Some examples?

- Very often the demand for "a new language" by a client is the last step in a deep change in the supply and demand in the market, which is also reflected on the need for translations into different language combinations.

- Over the years, the processes used in the preparation of texts at the company have evolved: the way they are drawn up, the departments that deal with them, the people involved in their review and correction (whether the content is legal, marketing or technical), has changed. As an agency, we realize all this at the final stage, when we have a new department as a reference office when translating a text.

- Until a few years ago, the use of blogs as business communication tools was completely unknown. Moreover, the growing demand for translating short articles testifies that companies communicate in a different way, both in Italy with local customers, or with potential foreign customers.

Whenever possible, we try to keep up to date, noting trends before they run over us; this way, we adapt our production and our capabilities to new customer needs. To be able to keep up with the times, we follow the publications in the various areas where we work, one of which is wine. The recent article published on the Beverfood.com website (here) reports a study on global prospects in the wine sector and this made us think, "By 2027, China will become the largest wine market, surpassing the United States, the current leader. Also Russia, according to Coface's anticipation, will rise from seventh place to sixth, ahead of the United Kingdom”.

This means that the Italian wine producers will have to slowly prepare to face this new challenge presented by China as the first country of export. On the other hand, the survey reveals that “Wine consumption is associated with the level of economic development of that country”, and then a development of this kind is understandable.

At Athena Parthenos, we have already noticed this trend in other areas and we will be happy and proud to support our customers in the export to China of a product we feel close to us as an integral part of our culture: wine.

Sarah Pedol, Sales Manager at Athena Parthenos srl.

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