January: Time for New Year's Resolutions for Businesses

Posted by Athena Parthenos

Reaching a better work-life balance, conquering new markets, attracting more customers within your existing market, and so on—in January, everybody is facing their new year's resolutions. Listing them is one thing, but putting them into practice is another.

Some goals are easier to reach, others are more difficult, but there are some steps to start from to make this new year more productive than any other previous years.

Promote Your Business

Promotion is essential to help people know about your business. But, before doing so, make sure your brand has a solid visual identity, which includes your logo, the design of your website, and even business cards. And make sure there is consistency among all these aspects that clearly communicate the brand's values.

Do not forget that your brand image also includes special attention to the language field. When contacting (potential) foreign customers, you must know the language you use and be aware of the culture of your interlocutor. Embarrassing mistakes are always hiding right around the corner, and the results can be disastrous.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Japanese company Rakuten encouraged learning of the English language among its employees. The company’s productivity and income increased in such a way that the company has become the main sponsor of the Barcelona football club.

Learn Something New

Most mistakes are made when we assume we already know everything. In fact, there is always room to learn something that can turn out to be useful for your business, even if it seems completely unrelated. When you learn something you are interested in, you are reaching a new dimension of life-work balance, which is a benefit for you and your business. Why? Unplugging your brain from the constant thought of work regenerates the spirit and might even create new, unexpected, brilliant ideas to improve your business.

Drop What Is Not Working and Move on

Quit doing things that do not offer any benefit to your business; it is just a waste of time and money. Of course, this might mean rescheduling all your to-do list and modifying your previous business plan on the basis of the present situation and your latest observations. We have talked about the importance of a business plan here.

Set Realistic Goals

Before taking any steps, you need to have your goals in mind—achievable goals, not unrealistic ones. Why? Because goals have to be the motor of every step you take, motivating you and your employees, but if they have no roots, they might turn into an unbearable amount of stress for everyone.

This does not mean you must not dream; creativity and dreams can help you a lot, after all.

So, what are your new year's resolutions?

Written by Marcella Sartore, Marketing & Communication Assistant @ Athena Parthenos

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