They say that the name you are given has a great influence on what you become and how you behave, so when I had to name my first company I wanted to give it a good starting point by choosing a name that could bring in a lot of the values in which I believed and a lot of the things that I was craving for. After struggling a lot with short, happy or easy to remember names; I tossed all that aside and came back to my first choice, the name of my favorite Greek goddess: Athena Parthenos.
This specific statue which the name refers to is made entirely of ivory and gold, and it represents the goddess of wisdom who prepares for battle by holding her shield, which shelters her sacred snake. Her war though, is not a violent one. Her wits and her sense of justice make her a wise person that recognizes friend from foe, who respects the people she devotes her life to and protects her “loved ones”. In this same representation she is holding the statue of the Greek goddess Nike, showing how victory is already hers. This is what I was and we are still chasing: success supported by the fact that we posses talent and we use it to reach our goal; we don’t rush into situations, but we love challenges and we love to win them. We become your perfect partner because we believe in what you do and in your products and we put our talent to your service in order to reach your goal, because our goal is to see you succeed!